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Welcome to the 17th Annual Sn3 Symposium

Scottsdale, Arizona was the location of the Symposium on Feb. 15 & 16, 2002.

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Hotel Info:

    The Symposium hotel we stayed at was the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort 7601 East Indian Bend Road in Scottsdale. The Symposium room rate was $125.00. Please call them toll free at (800) 364-9145 for info and to make resverations.


    The registration price was $40.00 in advance or $45.00 at the door. We encourage you to register as soon as possible so that we can have an idea of the numbers to plan for. If you need tables in the exhibitors room, please let us know how many, and if you need power at your table. Every effort will be made to accommodate individual needs, but the sooner we know the better we can provide for you. See contact info near bottom of page.

    Make checks or money orders out to "Sn3 Symposium".

Mail payment for registration and include the following information:

Name _________________ First ____________ Spouse ______________

Address _____________________________________________________

City ________________________ State _____________ Zip __________

Phone(___)___-____ Fax(___)___-____ Email ______________________

Tables Required _________________________Power Needed _________


Dan Pyzel
4305 Wellesley Drive NE.
Albuquerque, NM 87107-4824

    For other or more info see the contact information below.


    This Symposium was a little different from last years. But, just for general info you can check out what happened at last years Symposium in Seattle, WA. 2001 Sn3 Symposium. There are not too many layouts in the area so this year it will focus more on clinics and modeling in a small space. "Less is More" will be the general theme of the weekend.  Please, if you have a module or small layout you can bring let us know about it. Feel free to bring your current project for Show and Tell, finished or unfinished!  The Model Contest will as usual be restricted to S-scale narrow gauge models and dioramas, and there will also be a photo contest. Don't be shy, bring those models and pictures! If you are planning to bring modules please notify us right away so that we can plan adequate space for them.

    Security will be provided in the contest room during open hours, and the exhibitors room as well as the contest room will be locked when we are not there. Although we will make every effort to protect your property, the Symposium staff cannot assume any liability for loss or damage to any models, displays or modules during the show. Sorry for the legal stuff, but you know how it goes.


    The Symposium will follow the customary format used in the past. The Exhibitors' room will be open for set up on Friday, 7:00 A.M. Feb. 15, and the Symposium will begin at 8:00 A.M. The exhibitors' room will be open until 12 noon, then close for the afternoon. We will reopen at 6:00 P..M and remain open until 10:00 P.M. Saturday, Feb 16, the schedule will be from 8:00 A.M. to Noon, then 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. The awards and business business meeting will be from 9:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. on Saturday. Teardown and departure will be Sunday the 17th until Noon. The Clinic and contest rooms will be open the same hours.

    The model contest is the only part of the Symposium restricted to Sn3. Trophies will be awarded in the usual categories, plus an award for the best model in progress. So bring your current project along. The contest winners will be determined by popular vote, and there will be a photo contest as well.


    Layout tours included Don Stewert's G scale layout, and Nelson Steinmetz"s S standard gauge Santa Fe Layout. There are club layouts at the Thunderbird Model Railroad Club, and the Scottsdale Railroad Park, two blocks from the hotel. The main attraction at the park is the Paradise & Pacific, a 15 inch live steam railroad which we can ride. An informal tour of the P & P shops is a possibility. In the same location is the Arizona Live Steamers 1-1/2" scale trackage.

Hobby Shops:

    Hobby shops include Gerry's Trains & Tools at the Park, Coronado Scale Models, and Roys Train World in Mesa.


    We had a good variety of clinics to offer, the following is a list of some of them:

        A schedule of clinics will be available at the registration desk. Since there is a scarcity of layouts and hobby shops in the area, some of these clinics might be offered Friday afternoon.

Other things to do:

    In no way connected with the Symposium, but this just happened to be the same weekend and close by. So I have added the info for those that don't think there is enough to do already.<G>


For more info email: Jan Rons

You can also call Dan Pyzel at 505-883-0291
or Jan Rons at 602-840-6243


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